Portuguese Pointer puppies

Our puppies are raised indoors in a family environment. They are used to running freely around the garden.
They are taken for regular walks, which means they have started looking after their own hygiene.
Every puppy has its own international inoculation document, export pedigree, has received all its vaccinations, has a microchip, and has received a full check-up at the vet’s.

Portuguese pointer


Female Befunny, date of birth 10 May 2010 in Portugal, now a resident of Řevnice. 5 February 2014 was awarded the title CZECH CHAMPION. Hunting trials – I have participated in two competitions and won medals in...


ElNino, a male born in Portugal on 5 February 2011. The owner is the Portuguese breeder Tiago Fortuna. ElNino now lives in Řevnice in a joint household with Befunny :-).     ElNino was chosen after a meeting with the Portuguese breeder Tiago as a suitable male to breed with my female...

Portuguese pointer puppies photogallery with new owners 2014


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Be Funny a El Nino

Portuguese Pointer from Porto Point Řevnice


    My female dog is the first Portuguese Pointer in the Czech Republic that meets breeding requirements and over the next few days I will be going to Portugal for her to breed. I have a dream: to introduce this breed to the Czech Republic and create an awareness of it in dog...

The first Portuguese Pointer puppies

  The first Portuguese Pointer puppies to Befunny + ElNino are due  Was born on 3. 4. 2014 

Monagrafica do Perdigueiro Portugues 2013